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I really enjoy working with Hailey on a number of state policy issues related to land, water, and wildlife conservation. She is a skilled group facilitator, and her follow-up with lawmakers is thorough, personalized, and specifically relevant to their state and interests. I always learn a lot from Hailey's approach - her empathy, compassion, and eye for inclusion and fairness stand out as some of her (many) competencies. I highly recommend working with Hailey!

Kate Burgess

Conservation Program Manager

National Caucus of Environmental Legislators

Hailey has worked with me on several projects and presentations. She was always professional, enthusiastic, and well-prepared. She is equally comfortable presenting to elected officials, science professionals, and the general public. Hailey is skilled at working with clients to understand their needs and consequently produces high quality work. I look forward to working with her again.

Paul Millhouser

Research Associate/GIS Analyst

Colorado State University

Hailey is an exceptional facilitator. She skillfully navigated our group through a complex project, balancing relationship building and the need for discussion with time management and keeping us on track to complete our goals. She thoughtfully led our discussions with an eye toward inclusivity, while also asking the right questions to spark creativity and new ideas. I highly recommend her.

Amanda Wight

Wildlife protection expert for national animal welfare organization

My experience working with Hailey was positive and delightful. I was part of a project during 2020-2021, working with four other representatives of conservation groups, plus an independent contractor we hired to assist us in writing. Hailey acted as facilitator for all of our meetings. She was organized and kept us organized, during and in-between meetings. She put structure into our process and helped us see how the structure benefitted us. She sent us reminders of to-do’s we had agreed on, and created space for us to make changes in decisions and timelines as needed. We were working with a massive amount of material and the project ended up taking longer than we had initially anticipated. Without solid facilitation to keep us moving forward, it would have been easy to feel as though we were drowning. Instead, we were like a synchronized swim team. As corny as that sounds, I think we have Hailey to thank for keeping our momentum going. The end result was a product of which we are all quite proud. I hope you give Hailey a chance to show you what she can do.

Amaroq Weiss

Senior Wolf Advocate

Center for Biological Diversity

Hailey was one of the key players in a group of six responsible for developing a wolf resource guide for advocates and agencies.  This was a monumental task which developed into several documents including a comprehensive resource guide, with scientific citations, consisting of over 130 pages.  You can view these documents at Hailey facilitated our weekly zoom meetings for 9 months. Each week, she would set up the call, develop an agenda and probably most importantly, brought us back to task when conversations shifted off topic. I highly recommend Hailey for her facilitating skills, her warm and friendly personality and competency.

Nancy Warren

Executive Director

National Wolfwatcher Coalition

Hailey is a fantastic collaborator who is discerning about project needs. She is strategic, seeking to understand and be grounded in campaign goals and objectives to identify and apply effective strategies for success. Hailey strikes an excellent balance between independent thinking and knowing when to ask questions to find solutions that support and achieve project goals. Hailey brings an inclusive, mindful approach, meeting project goals of inclusivity and endurance. Highly recommended!

Jeanne Dodds

Creative Engagement Director

Endangered Species Coalition


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